Large MVD Series Vertical TMR    845 - 1,056 cubic foot

Large Twin Auger - Front Discharge
The duplo vertical mixer is based on a tapered conical shape with two conical vertical augers enables any product to be chopped or mixed.

Mixing is carried out by the effect of the 11 serated blade per auger, which cut the product while it moves up and then falls back down thanks to gravity.

The wide range of discharging possibilities of this type of mixer is one of its great advantages, as it can be adapted to any installation.

In addition, this mixer model is equipped with a two speed gearbox, planetary cooling package, and also comes standard in tandem axle with rear self steer. 

Available with standard wear resistant ST52 Steel construction or in Strenx/Quend 700 Super Steel Construction (approx. 30% more life span than mixers with AR200 Steel)

  • 8mm (.31”) Thick Side Walls
  • 15mm (.59”) Thick Augers
  • 25.4mm (1”) Thick Floor
  • 9 Big Knives and 2 Small Knives on Each Auger (Total of 22 Knives)
  • Heavy Duty Two Speed Gearbox – Manual Operation
  • Automatic Planetary Cooling System with Electric Fan
  • Tandem Axle with Rear Self-Steer
  • Hydraulic Brakes and Manual Hand Brake
  • 8 Dual Truck Tires (275/70/22.5)
  • Dual Discharge Front Conveyor
  • Manual Hydraulic Front Jack
  • Rotating Swivel Hitch
  • Solid Anti-Overflow Ring
  • 1,000 RPM PTO
  • 4 Manual Hay Retainers
  • Battery and Battery Support
  • Direct Hydraulic Hoses to Tractor
  • Two Heavy Duty Augers
  • Programmable Perin Farmscale M800 Scale Indicator
  • 4 Heavy Duty Load Cells Under the Tub
  • Tub, Floor, & Augers Constructed in Heavy Duty ST52 Steel
  • Heavy Duty Spring Suspension
  • Viewing Platform with Dual Side Ladder Access

Additional Options:

*  Hydraulic Folding Conveyor Extension               on either side
*  Rear Door

*  Electronic controls by wire from cab

​*  Dual Truck Tires

*  Forced Steering Axle

Steel Construction:
*  Strenx/Quend 700 

*  Battery Kit
*  Lights Installation
*  Magnets on discharge
*  Spotlight
*  Blower Attachment

Please contact us for additional options not listed!
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