VerticalTMR Self-proppelled with two augers, side discharge, rear motor

TUB CAPACITY/ 20 m3/704 c.f. | 24 m3/845 c.f. | 26 m3/918 c.f.
Mixing system with dual heavy duty vertical augers and interchangeable resistant knifes. Driven by two pumps and two variable displacement radial piston engines. Adjustable mixing speed and fast speed for weigh scale control discharge to ensure the tub is properly emptied.
Two 180 hp, adjustable speed motors. Width 2200 mm/87 inches. Electrically driven lowering adjustment in the control panel, lowering cut-out by pressure switch depending on the working pressure of the cutter. Driven by a variable flow pump and orbital motors.
LOADING BELT/ Rubber. Adjustable Speed
UNLOADING BELTS/ By flat side door with discharge tray.
WEIGHSCALE/ Programmable, 99 recipes x 20 ingredients x 10 discharges, modem output.
ENGINE/ Diesel, CUMMINS, 242 kW @ 2100 rpm, rear.
FUEL TANK/ 250 litres/66 Gal.
Hydrostatic closed circuit. Variable flow pump and two piston engines, including flow divider to ensure traction on the first and second axle when driving through difficult terrain.
AXLES/ Two, steering and driving. Four wheels 445/65R22.5
SUSPENSION/ Front and rear hydraulics. Road and off-road modes. Automatic Levelling.
STEERING/ Hydraulic servo. Maximum turning angle of 40 °. Three modes, road, full turn and crab.
BRAKES/ Service on both axles. Service and emergency on rear axle.
Circuits designed to work in harsh environmental conditions. Compliant with European machines safety and electromagnetic incompatibility regulations. Located behind the cabin.
One-seat. Manufactured in steel with anti-corrosion chemical treatment. Optimal visibility of the environment (inward sloping windshield). Swing door. Safety glass.
PLC electronics. Multifunction joystick to control the forward movement, loading and unloading. Digital display for viewing all machine parameters (hydraulic oil temperature, mixer pressure, cutter pressure, hydraulic oil level, breakdown lights ...).
Two spotlights front and two rear, air suspension seat, fire extinguisher, water heating, radio CD, tool box, step ladder with platform.
GROUND SPEED/ Movement speed 0-30 km/h 0-19 miles/h(*).


Magnet fixed on unloading belt (125 m3/h, 73.5 c.f./min)
Air conditioning
Air conditioning+ climatizer
Electric heater on rearview mirrors
Rearview mirrors electrically adjusted + electric heater
Sliding left rearview mirror
Working headlight
Led technology headlight
Silo cutter support
Silo cutter suspension by nytrogen accumulator
500L / 132 Gal. molasses tank. Included pump (installed)
Silo cutter made on stainless steel
Double TV camera TFT colour 7”
Reversible fan 238 CV CLEAN FIX
Centralized greasing automatically
Centralized greasing
No loading conveyor
Differential block (only 4x4)
Add extra door with belt 930 mm /36.6 inches length with hydraulic elevation
2nd door opposite side (double unloading) WITHOUT ELEVATOR
Sliding conveyor under the tub (200 mm/7.84 inches)
Loading belt made by chain and Polyethilene crossbeams
Extension of the elevator 0,3 m/11.8 inches (Reaching total length of conveyor 1230 mm/48.42 inches)
Extension of the elevator 0,5 m/19.7 inches (Reaching total length of conveyor 1430 mm/56.3 inches)
Total extended length of the elevator from 1600 mm/63inches to 1800 mm/70.86 inches
Change the chain, bottom and crossbar of the elevator in stainless steel (930 mm/36.6 inches)
Change the chain, bottom and crossbar of the elevator in stainless steel (1230 mm/48.42 inches)
Change the chain, bottom and crossbar of the elevator in stainless steel (1430 mm/56.3 inches)
Change the chain, bottom and crossbar of the elevator in stainless steel (1600mm/63 inche-1800 mm/70.86inches)
RADIO-CD bluetooth (phone)
2 Hydraulic restrictor knives
4 Hydraulic restrictor knives
Two hydraulic motors on the silo cutter
Mixing augers made on stainless steel AISI 304
Inner tub covering in stainless steel AISI 304 (1500 mm/59 inches high)
Extreme Temperatures (-20º C/-4°F) starting system, Heating system hydraulic oil and engine.