Straw Chopper with screen and hammer system inside. Can cut the fiber from 1 to 2 inches length. It accepts forrage with low level of moisture or dry.

• Two speed gear box
• Large diameter turbine with bolted flaps
• High resistance chain, Ø12 mm links and removable crossbeams
• Walking floor by means of a hydraulic motor with speed regulator
• Bottom cleaning door
• Back door raised by two hydraulic cylinders
• Manual stand (optional hydraulic)
• Controls by cable
• Turbine & screen with 1.2 inches diameter holes. Interior turbine with hammers for a superior chop.


Hydraulic front jack
Fixed tyres, hitch and mechanic front jack (mod.300)
Electric controls 3 positions with speed control of the bottom chain
Electric controls 4 positions with speed control of the bottom chain
Rotating nozzle + side chute
Double chute (side and rotary chute) (electric controls included)
Swivel cap 30º+30º (horizontal movement)
Swivel cap 30º+30º (vertical movement)
Electric speed control of the bottom chain
Rear lights
Cross beater
Extended rear door