VN and VC Series Vertical TMR    211 - 493 cubic foot

Single Auger
The VN and VC vertical mixer models were born  to respond to the  sector´s need for a quality, simple and effective machine. The model is based on a tapered conical shape with a conical auger enabling any product to be chopped or mixed.

Mixing is carried out by the effect of the multiple serrated blades of the auger, which cut the product while it moves up and then falls back down thanks to gravity.

The design of our vertical mixer has evolved to achieve both  tub and auger geometry  to ensure rapid and efficient mixing.

Discharge takes place through one or two side doors on the straight or curved side of the tub, as appropriate.

Constructively it is a lightweight and compact machine. It is particularly designed for direct connection to the tractor, which can be low power, as there is no need to change gear.
• Vertical mixer with single auger and cutting blades
• 2 weight cells on VN6 and 8
  4 weight cells on VC-10, 12, and 14
• Unloading by side door
• 2 mechanical hay stops
• Simple viewing ladder
• Pressure relief valve (door opening)
• Direct connection to the PTO (34 rev./minute).
• Direct operation by tractor hydraulics
• Perin Scale Indicator
• Manual jack
• Height adjustable hitch
• Single PTO shaft
• Single wheels
• 12.5/60/15 tires on models VN-6, 8, 10, 12 
• 445/45/19.5 tires on model VC-14
Additional Options:

*  Hydraulic Folding Conveyor 36.6", 48.4", 56.3", 63", or 70.9" Length

*  Flex Controls by Cable (only requires one set of hydraulics hooked up to tractor)

Jack :
*  Hydraulic jack with hand pump​

*  Battery Kit
*  Lights Installation
*  Magnets on discharge
*  Spotlight
*  Two Speed Gearbox
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